My friend, like, made something!

Best t-shirt ever by TV Carnage available HERE

So my annoying friend Derrick Beckles gave me a free shirt to promote both his t-shirt and his new Adult Swim show TOTALLY FOR TEENS! Vernon Chatman of the late great Wonder Showzen is behind this deliciousness.

Here's a little Tid: I did a shitty pilot for VBS (Vice TV) called TOTALLY! like 5000 years ago. It was a chick show all about being a chick, doing things that chicks like to do such as thrifting, crying, eating avocados, squatting rather than using a gas station toilet, etc. However, TOTALLY FOR TEENS has nothing to do with TOTALLY! and TOTALLY FOR TEENS is like TOTALLY fucking hilarious! Plus, America's Sweetheart Leo Fitzpatrick is in it.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of Derrick's gorgeous gams at the world's longest comedy show followed by a picture of me squatting behind a tree rather than using a gas station toilet. Note the joy on my face** (eyes are closed and rolling back in my head in ecstacy) from not having to touch anything that could be found in a disease-infested public bathroom. Also note the fervency of my squat. This is a result of me never, ever wanting to pee in public bathrooms and thus holding it in until I'm shaking and using all my ninja strength not to wee myself in public. I think I could have put out a fire that night.

PS- Derrick Beckles is not annoying at all
** I had to block out my face incase one of you interneters wants to defame my famousness, which is massive. You'll never be able to prove that that unladylike squatter is me. So neener neener.