Hey Bunny

Hey Bunny is my friend Yasi's new group blog that yours truly shall contribute to along with a bunch of people like Jensrocker, Steve Lee, Jerry Hsu, Hanni El-Khatib, Rick Rodney, and some other people I either don't know or just met but who I trust are all good eggs.

I will keep my posts short and sweet over there, as I believe that when there are 9 people in an online clusterfuck, each entry should be direct, to the point, and have one or two good zingers that people can read and move on from. Nobody wants to trudge through long, self-obsessed internet farts when there are 8 other people doing it at the same time (I have my own blog for that).

So, without further ado, check out Hey Bunny by clicking HERE and the shortcut to my page by clicking HERE.

Also, I'm about to unleash three weeks worth of Aviva's thought pools on you here and at Streetcarnage, so stay tuned. Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm busy living and learning the hard way.

Love ya,