This is how my two best friends treat me.

As you know, I'm moving to LA now that I'm out here and trying to break into the big wide world of television production and/or comedy writing. There aren't enough Jews on top of that so I thought I'd do my part. Anyhow, I've transcribed an email from yesterday so you guys can see who I have to say goodbye to. Won't be hard.

From: Aviva Yael
To: Justin Gallaher, Tasha Cain

Darnits this makes me not want to move to LA:

Tasha: That place looks awesome. Let’s hit it...Justin. Sorry Veevs you’re dead to us now.

Justin: Totally. And speaking of hitting things, Tasha we need to figure out all our Fashion Week party plans. It'll be WAY easier to get into everything this year with you just having a plus one, and not having to deal with a plus-two situation. Gonna be so fun, can't wait!!! We’re going to Marc Jacobs again, right?

Tasha: Yeah for sure, there's some great parties this season too. We should def hit up
The one that's catered by Thomas Keller. You know, the one all those hilarious shaggy-hair rich artist dudes told us they're going to? I think Christmas Tree Mom is hosting it.

Aviva: While you're at it, why don't you guys have brunch at Prune with my ex-boyfriend?

Tasha: You are SO last week. We did that on Sunday. But thanks for the suggestion. He’s doing super well these days!

Aviva: Oh good, so maybe you guys can hit up the Opening Ceremony/APC/La Esquina sample sale and free taco day block party to celebrate Terry Richardson's opening at the Deitch. I'll just go to Teddy's to watch Lauren Conrad and Brandon Oily Heir Davis get their grind on behind the DJ booth. Fun!

Sunny California, here I come! Maybe!