Wow, thanks New York!

I've only been home three days and I'm so feeling the LOVE people! (said that like Carla from Top Chef)

Anyhow I don't want to cheese out, but I guess you don't realize how much you love someone until they're gone. I have soooo many amazing friends and people I've collected along the way, and... wait I'm cheesing. Anyhow, a few things:

First off, I was interviewed for this new website called "The Great Women" which is a podcast/blog for teens and college girls who need a little inspiration, and I talk about my book and being ambitious and obsessive about my work and traveling with The Virgins and Vice and all the other shit that helped me get where I am today (where is that btw)?

Look, its 15 minutes so you won't get through it, but if you know someone who is trying to write a book or produce a TV show or sell their artwork or just be confident and put themselves into the world to be seen and heard, then maybe they'll get something out of this. Here is the link to the website and the podcast of my interview.

Also, she called me the Retail Director at Vice but I was the Fashion Director (huge diff). I produced their fashion shows, organized photo shoots, worked with stylists, did PR and marketing, etc. Just wanted to clear that up incase anyone thinks I'm just some retail whore. I have pride people!

Speaking of being a retail whore, I love how Elissa (the interviewer) mentions that I was the #1 salesperson at Contempo Casuals in high school. Thanks!!! I was joking, but she delivers it with such conviction that it sounds like I told her because it was one of my life accomplishments and an integral part of my success. Although, I was promoted to Asst Manager after 3 years at the top. Boo-yah!!!! So there's some inspiration, ladies. Go make a retail company a bunch of money by suggesting coordinating pieces/accessories to sad moms who are trying to look like their teenage daughters. Make sure said company is bankrupt and really embarrassing to work for.

PS- salary during time of employment:

Stock girl $4.75/hr.
Asst manager $9.25/hr.

Totally worth it!

Okay, next.

I'm DJing at LIT tonight with Andrew Kuo and Josh Wildman. I will be playing black people music. 90s hip hop, Jamaican Oldies, cheesepop (hi T.I. and Lady GaGa). It will be really unboring!

I'm packing to go back to LA in a couple of days, so I'm only DJing til 1am and then I have to go home and go to bed. P-retty cool.

If you're in NYC and you love me, please come and say your goodbyes :)