Afternoon Tid: The Virgins on Fallon

Remember Wade from a few posts ago? Welp, check out the little pea on Jimmy Freaking Fallon. I'm NOT feeling Nick's sunglasses, but they're having more fun than we'll ever know, so fuck it. I also predict, after watching Mick "Donald" Jagger sway his hips through this performance, that he is going to eff his way through life for the next few years. I'm feeling the shirtless presentation. Its a throwback to the hairbands of 1988-1991 era. Girls like him, trust.

And here is the Indie 103 (RIP) acoustic sesh w Danny Masterson. He was really nice and came to the Vegas show, hosted the evening, etc. This was from when Erik was still the drummer. I love this campfire version of Rich Girls:

I'm going hiking to watch the sunset. Been working all day. Eyes are tired.

If you're a true Virgins fan, click HERE or HERE. Yer welks.

- V