Bye Bye Myspace!

Being that I'm not in a band and that Myspace has been rendered nearly obsolete since the rise of FB and Twitter, I've decided to delete my account. I'm slowly cutting the cord as I try to become an adult. Next should be Twitter, then Facebook, and finally my blog, but I'm not there yet. I still need attention and I enjoy making inside jokes with my friends from the comfort of my couch. Quite a pain, as all of the links to my book press, interviews, my friends, exes, and photos will be going down with it.

Sope, here is a shameless display of all of my very best profile pictures. I decidedly don't have any fat/depressed/tired looking images available. Nope, only the very most fun, interesting, or attractive. Tragic that one should be so desperate, but Darwinism demands that I don't post any hideous pictures of myself.

My first and last New York palace. I lived in a waterfront loft in Williamsburg in 2002. Our parties were the glory days.

This is Chumpu. I sang to her in Thai!

Head-to-toe tourist gear

Boca onesies travel nicely in Cambodia

I just really missed my boyfriend when I was in Asia

I punch chicks sometimes (bad hair sitch)

SingaporeSingaporeSingapore. Best airline, best hotels, best street food, best High Tea (Raffles Hotel), worst tourist attractions. This was at The Gates of Hell. Someday I shall show you that trip.

And then Jesus descended from above

I was on the TV. I STILL haven't posted anything about my book tour. More on that later too maybe.

Hire me I'm good (first day on the job)


Me and my boyfriend, Anguilla

Mollie, my mancrush

Oh Fubes? Me and the dude from Fubar, the greatest movie ever made? He was my wedding 'boyfriend' at Gavin and Emily's no big deal. We broke up the minute it was over. I shall always love you Terry or whatever your name is.

Goldy Goldberg makes deals ya know?

Donald is my power animal (last day of tour)

Veevers, Sarah, Har Mar, and Carrie. Some of my top shelf ninjas.

Sawry mom

Jay Johnston, love o my life, and Laura

Me, Lesley (and the LY's), Emily McInnes

Crystal and Aviva, the TOTALLY girls looking b-a-k-e-d. I hate pot. Photo by Patrick O'Dell