Girls Only!

These things were made just for us, ladies...

If you have a V, you will love this Thunderheist video. This little tranny jam has mild chicken violence* and gets rad at :58

If you have sparkling lady parts, you will love the Frito Lay commercials. Of course, chicks don't eat Frito Lays. Only school children and fat teenagers who smoke nefarious substances eat these, but its a dyaaaarling effort nonetheless:

If your boobs get luscious and hurt just before you turn into the Queen of Bitchytown once a month, you will enjoy this montage of handpuppets, crystals, nail art, finger jewelry, clouds, and mystic trees:

Crystal used a band that sounds like every little girl's dreams, the Lucky Dragons. Lucky Dragons are a couple who make their own instruments that sound like rattles and dulcimers but are made out of bungee cords or something. No idea. I hear that the guy is an engineer who went to MIT. Here is a picture of one of their instruments:

From some website:

For their live performances Lucky Dragons utilize hand drums, thumb pianos, synthesizers, shakers, computers, and gongs. Most instruments are played by audience members, often many people at once, which generates sound when one person touches the skin of another.

Well guess what? On New Year's Eve people touched each other's skin and music came out! They played around a bonfire at Aaron Rose's house party. Aska made Japanese food. Bebel and I dressed in matching headdresses. Then a bunch of other stuff happened. The evening ended with people shrooming** under the Christmas tree listening to Portishead at 6am. Sort of a high-tech minimalist Burning Man for intellectuals, artists, and models (just like me!!)

Moving along...

If you're of the gender who likes to cry, squatpee, eat avocados for lunch and perpetually thinks your boyfriend is cheating on you, you will enjoy this chickporn video I've provided below:

Okayokayokay ready to die? I saved the best for last. You know that cutesy iPod Nano commercial? No, not that one. Not that one either. The one with the Chairlift song. Welp, this 12 year old girl made her own video for it on her Mac and its soooo good MTV would wet the bed if they saw this:

(thanks for this Crystal)

Even though we're the ones who have to make the babies, not cry at the movies, give beejs, try to be the prettiest, and tell everyone its going to be okay, being a girl is still the BEST.

*nuh uh
** not me