Great, I'm sexist now.

I never discuss politics on this blog because who needs me to recap things you already know from an electronic soapbox, but seriously this Ann Coulter wannabe needs to get the f*ck outta here. She needs to shut her shrill, demented flapjaw. O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Hannity cried about how people who criticized President Bush and the war posed a threat to National Security, were un-American, and were displaying what terrorists and our enemies would see as weakness. So what the hell kind of gd domestic terrorist threat is this?

Cunto wants the citizens of her state "armed and dangerous" over Obama's plan to reduce global warming because "we need to fight back." Easy lady. If asking people, even in jest, to take arms against our President doesn't fall under domestic terrorism I don't know what does. Okay yes, there are some serious shortcomings and inefficiencies involved in his giant katrillion dollar fixit plan, but I believe in the general direction he's going.

I'm no liberal and I'm too lazy to be an activist, but I read the HuffPo feed. That's about as proactive as I can be (unhelpful). I LOVE Obama. He feels like a group hug. His cabinet is a cuddle party. Except for Rahm who is kind of a hot date rapist.

I agree with the Republicans' approach toward smaller government, but I would never vote R because unfortunately they don't know where to spend the pot or how to distribute it. Sure, let's reduce useless agencies but I really don't want my tax dollars going into defense unless the same amount goes toward public education, dollar for dollar. Obviously that's not realistic or even idealistic. Its imaginical.

Point is, I want to make tiny funny people someday, and since being funny goes hand-in-hand with being smart, my future little Veevers babies are going to need a decent education. Chances are I won't be able to send them to Lycee, so... so you get my point. I need to be a Democrat.

I won't torture you guys anymore, but seriously if Bachmann doesn't get the f*ck outta here I'm going to start hating all women in an uncontrolled fit of irrational, misdirected rage.