Hi Rob, Betty here.

Tonight I tried to make LA as New York as I could by attending a surf documentary at an old theater for Cinema Tuesdays. This would be the equivalent of going to the Film Forum for a screening of an obscure film like the Arthur Russell documentary, except instead of wall-to-wall Margiela and vintage Louis Feraud gear, everyone was in flip flops and flannel, drinking beer. Of course my attempt at pretending I could still live a NY life out here didn't work. You can't supplant grey skin on drug-addled, rich stick people who think they're all better than each other with blond haired smiley faces and call it even.

This adorable Surf Rock duo called The Mattson II played with Ray Barbee before the screening which was pretty neato:

The movie itself wasn't very good (sawry!) but it was done by Thomas Campbell who is an artist. It was shot with lots of different kinds of film which means it came out pretty. The highlight was some sicksicksick footage of West African drummers in a ghetto near one of the places where they surfed.


Some nice stills from the film:

A little anecdote: Years ago I lived with my surfer boyfriend in Pacifica where I dutifully attended contests, learned to BBQ, and tanned complacently on the beach with the other girlfriends. Norcal Surf Shop was the local hang where we got stoned, ate Taco Bell, sipped fruit smoothies that were made in the shop, and planned bonfire parties. Not a rotten life for being fresh out of high school.

My wall was once a mural of pros including Kelly Slater, Christian Fletcher, Tom Curren and of course, Rob Machado. And tonight, right before my very eyes, blocking my view, was Rob. I happily traced his crows feet and the overgrown blond wasps nest atop his golden head. Everything checked out okay- he's still a 10.

Aside from the West African scene, the other interesting tidbit was an introduction to these wooden boards from Australia made by Wegener. The boards are made of really thin, heavy, raw wood with no resistance and no fins which are apparently impossible to ride due to the raw speed, but of course a few menfish out there managed to master them a bit:

My inner Veevs from a few lifetimes ago remembered old surf videos with Primus, 7 Seconds, the Upsetters and Alpha Blondy in the soundtracks. Good times, Broseidon. I can't really surf, but I'm clearly barreling down a nostalgia tunnel which I will snap out of tomorrow when I wake up. Goodnight dudes.