Its vomming time folks!

I have a little analytics thing that tells me who is stalking me or not. Yes, I can see you. Psyche! Or, if I were a gay black man, "Psyche your mind let your booty shine!" Unfortch, all I can see are search terms and how many hits I get.

Usually its "aviva yael" "aviva yael blog" "aviva yael book" or whatever. Sometimes I get "aviva yael boyfriend" but since I can't see who in the hell is inquiring, I just stare at it in wonderment for inappropriate amounts of time. My friends get Googled a lot and if I've mentioned them before they pop up on the analytics report. The most common ones in order are "meryl smith" (like every day, tons) "gavin mcinnes" "lesley arfin" "matt lenski" "ramona sidlo" and "jen brill"

And then there are these. awful. things.

Get a paper bag because you are about to blow some major chunkage Heather. I have NO IDEA why my site comes up when people enter the following search terms:

wrinkled cleavage
"you're so money"
pictures of peoples privates
told her i was a nudist "she was buying it"