Hi meet my old pal Wade Oates. You may know him from being extremely cute, being a munchkin, or being your girlfriend's secret heartthrob. Wade Oates: perfect little angelbean. Woates is a peanut butter and banana sandwich fried in butterfat. He is a lightly salted and sliced radish, a cupcake brownie from Babycakes if you will. I loooooove Wade. He is the pinnacle of sweetness and how to actness.

Here are some pics of the little peanut:

21st Birthday dinner at Public

The Borgata, Atlantic City

Somewhere in the south

No idea where this is

No idea

But wait. Look how he cleans up:

I mean, dreamboat much? I feel bad for all the girls who have ever loved him because his face knocks knees and breaks hearts.

Someone just told me that they found my blog through his blog. I was like wtf Wade has a blog?!? Why didn't I know about this? So when I checked it out I was so jazzed up I started tap dancing and my head spun off and flew out the second story window and onto the parking lot below, where some kid kicked it into a tree. Check it out son:


A few more tidbits: Wade's a pro when it comes to thrifting (huge plus). On my birthday he didn't throw a chair across the hotel room after drinking an oversized bottle of red wine when we were trapped in a snowstorm in Iowa (cough cough Donald). He also didn't go number two with the door open while we were sharing a hotel room (cough cough name withheld). You know what else he didn't do to me? He didn't write my full name, email address, home address and phone number on the bedsheets asking the cleaning staff to charge me for them. Also, he refrained from making my hotel room into a Jackson Pollock painting with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Idn't that sweet?

Here is the video that Crystal directed of Wade and the three other people who tortured me across the country (basicallythefunnestthingiveeverdoneinmyentirelife). Maybe you can spot me in the background for one second. I like to pretend I'm a useless apparition sometimes. Feels good.


WADE'S WORLD. Its 65 degrees and I'm going hiking in Malibu right now. Have a nice weekend you guys