P-retty frigging excited about these two tidbits

ITEM! My dead boyfriend DF Wallace made another masterpiece called The Pale King (cool name much?) which is set "in an American tax office full of bored employees." The man knows what I like. His wife found the book in their garage. Thank you Mrs. Wallace! We will be gripping the edge of our seats until 2010.

ITEM! Jon Glaser's new show Delocated is not only hilarious but has the best billboards ever dreamed up by man. I'm really feeling this Calvin Klein spoof next to the Chateau Marmont:

Its on at 11:45pm Friday Nights on Adult Swim, which is perfect because you'll be home anyhow, crying into the filthy carpet fibers of that depressing unit which you inhabit. You know, the one inside that nondescript housing complex? Jesus guy, maybe a few laughs will temporarily distract you from your crippling solitude.

Okay, I'll be back.