Poetry Cafe with Aviva Yael

Welcome to my spoken word open mic night. I wanted to bless you all for coming. As a beautiful, empowered woman it is my duty to educate you by dropping some science upon your eager meager minds. So without further ado, here are some words from the mind of a true goddess.

I'm a hip-hop queen
my genius can be seen
from the libraries of Alexandria
to the coast of the Philippines
You wanna peep what's deciphering
inside my third eye cypher
fall back son
cause like a true queen
I ain't trife
I'm out fightin' Capoeira
Sippin tea with Michael Cera
In brand new New Eras
I'm superior you're inferior
your motives are ulterior
Worship me like the goddess that I am
Do you feel this poetry I slam?
Don't hate me cause I'm fly
I lent Badu my third eye
She named her kid after my style
I'm down with Raymond Kurzweil
Steppin to me is less of a journey
more of an odyss-ey
a labyrinth of twisted mindsets
from the chillest illest of the brunettes
bow down son

And now its time to blow your minds
with pieces of my life
in the form of photograph-y.
Blowing up your set with
the abilit-y
to constantly create
Giving birth to life, letting the vision flowwwww.
Letting the genius goooooo.


PS I'm drinking a bottle of Chateneauf-du-Pape at Yasi's and now I don't feel like flexing the photography skillz (read: drunk blogging).

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