Really'd rather not have feelings but...

Remember when mom read this to you every night before bed when you were wee? Remember being kind of mad at Max for having such a bad attitude and becoming a little bit of a worry wart when you heard the first growl coming from the forest? Were you sad but relieved when Max finally sailed home after his wild rumpus with the Wild Things? Me too.

Spike made some magics (even though he and Dave Eggers almost got dropped from the $80M movie for making it "too dark") and I cannot wait CANNOT WAIT to see this! Also, if you're a fan of Dallas, he did all the writing for the site and trailers. He's also taking "An Awesome Book" on tour, so if you have kids and a favorite bookstore that you want him to do a reading at, get in touch and I will pass it along. I'm helping him organize the New Orleans reading, so if you're there, holler.