Tales of New York

Hero status

Hi coolest bodega name in Brooklyn. I took my NIGHTBIKE gang here for a snack a few times. Its a grueling ride from the LES over the Brooklyn Bridge. Not.

My favorite brunch spot of all time is Cafe Mogador. Always the same order: roasted eggplant tahini, hummus and falafel plate, avocado salad. The lamb tagine is bonkers too. I'll be back soon my darlings.

Delancey Zoot Suit

Base of the Williamsburg Bridge

Screening of the Krooked Chronicles ft the Gonz. It was essentially a skater convention in the basketball court on Essex. It was a warm night, hundreds of kids were out, Simon DJd, and Ramona and I were going bananas. The cops shut it down, but extreme fun ensued later that evening nonetheless.

This is by a Swedish artist I really like named Charlotta Westergren. She had a show at the Bellwether Gallery, which, in my opinion, is the best gallery in New York. Sorry Deitchies.

Near the Chelsea Piers

Agathe Snow's outdoor art show in a parking lot in Chelsea. The Port-o-Potties didn't work.

Dash made these "Bin Laden Youth" flyers which were strewn all over the lot. I called the number... suicide hotline!

This little guy is my second favorite thing at the Fish. First favorite thing: The Julio Iglesias/Freddy Kruger mashup beer lamp. Coolest gift they've ever received: a bottle of vitamins that said MAX FISH on them from Thailand care of Yours Truly.

This place infuriates me. Everytime I walk past it, I get the same feeling I experience when I have to stir the oil into the healthy peanut butter from Trader Joe's. Makes me want to stab. I hear they're opening a hip vegan restaurant called Jungle Grub. Hey-o! I'm here all the time folks!

Okay okay okay. I understand that you were born with the worst ass in human history, fine. But did you really need to do your jeans like that? Can someone explain the logic and craftwork process here? Baffled.

MZ and I went to a BBQ in the hood. Like deep East Flatbush hood. Walking to the train we passed this place. Made me wish I were a 57-year old man so I could get in there and deaaance. They were bumping the JAYAMS.

Ran into these teenage lovebirds during a NIGHTBIKE trek. Look how freakin cute they are! From Jersey of course (near the South Street Seaport)

This kid talked like Tony Soprano. I was gazing out the window of the first car on the 6 train and I hear, "Where ya from?" I turned around looking for a 40 year old Gino and all I saw was this kid riding alone. I told him I live here, my family is from here, why? and he says (in full Bayridge Brooklyn accent) "Cause I figyuhd you was a tourist, lookin out da window at the tracks like dat. Nobody does that if theyuh from heeh, ya know?" He was heading up to Washington Heights to see his grandma after school. Only old school New Yorkers would let their kids travel that far alone on the train.

Telfar and Shayne (aka Cazzi from the House of Ninja) double-dutching near the Bowery.

Ramona and me in Midtown. Took my chalked up back to the Fish that night like a true lady.

Guido invasion of Sweet Paradise. Ted had to serve these chiefs all night.

Poor Ted.

This isn't in New York but since all NY Jews go to Florida to die, I'm hoping to be buried here someday. Under the flamingo.

Spaneesh Harlem


I haven't done The Daily Tids or Campfire Tales in awhile. I really need to get my news stories on again before my brain rots. I'm trying to make some stuff for you to watch on the TV someday, so I'm not capable of much more than posting photos right now. Til then folks.