Can't blog... happy

Also, busy. I'm workin on some stuffs. Sorry guys, really wanted a nice juicy Monday morning recap of all the very many funny or terrible things that I've observed about our fellow homosapes recently but truth is, don't care. Will love on you when I'm not being unbored.

Here's one tidbit: Online Scrabble has wholly replaced my lusty determination to crush Will Shortz' puzzles like ants under Bovver boots.

It's a cheaper, faster thrill, and much more disappointing than the Sunday puzzle of course, but after inheriting a lifelong education in expert quips from my Dad and whistling Gran, I've finally put the New York Times Crossword Omnibus down for a little online gaming. Its like going for a cokey gambling weekend in Vegas, comparatively.

Want to join in the fun? Come to Yasi's house on a Friday night where you'll be privy to an evening of unforgettable online Scrabbling. We will challenge one another to a game on her couch, side by side, laptops ajar, drinking pickle juice and smoking Export A Lights and watching Nannyswap (Wife Swap + Super Nanny back-to-back) whilst the scent of a white Betty Crocker cake baking in the oven wafts licentiously from the kitchen into the depraved gaming pit that is her livingroom. Temptiiiiinnnnng?

Welp, guess what its true and it happened. Ask Reed.