Inner Circle Report: FUNTIMES

Some of my pals are doing neat stuff you should partake in...

Aska, Crystal and Lindsey at the Prince Hotel. We practiced saying "PRUUUUUUUNE" in photos, as the Olsens suggested. Anyhow.

This Friday Crystal is showing some videos and Aska is performing at an art show at the Urban Outfitters Gallery in Hollywood:

Yasi, Aska

Crystal, Reza

Yasi and Jess will be there too (in some photographs and in person):

Lindsey is selling her new cloaks at Some Odd Rubies. Vintage stuff too. If you are in NYC and have boobs, go to this:

Saturday, May 2
155 Rivington #2
New York, NY 10002
Prosecco, Jams and Gems

(isn't she a stone cold fox?)

Ako, Tibs, and Randy Randall (No Age) will be playing tunes at Cha Cha on Thursday for some dude named Frosty's birthday:

I have one picture of Ako but it's really bad, sorry. He's adorbs.

Alex has a show coming up:

Private Cosmogony

Opening Friday 8 May 7 - 9PM

Kate Robinson Fine Art
95 Rivington Street New York


And finally, my pal-a-doodle-do Matt Lenski flew to London and ran 26 freaking miles to help sick kids or something, so if you see him walking the streets of Soho buy his knees a drink.

Amazing move Lens!