Black Hugs

Remember when I used to bartend Andrew Kuo and Wildman's Monday night HUGS party at LIT??? Well I do. I have seen the best and worst of all your favorite fuckups in that bar, from the biggest stars to the tiniest social climbers in all the great land of Downtown and let me tell you it wasn't pretty. Funny, fun, even awesome... but not pretty. That's what happens when you stick millions of people on an island and tell them to go make it in the world. They go bananas. Anyhow, Kuo is all up in my life this week with a very special guest appearance at the Cha Cha lounge this Thursday!!!

I'm p-retty excited that he will be DJing with Ako and Cassie at the Cha! Please come. I'll be the one sitting in the corner judging people, and genuinely enjoying myself while doing so. Here are some pictures of my HUGS days past...

Erik Foss, owner

Andrew and Yours Truly (photo by Kai Regan for Rayban)


Danielle Garcia, one of my besties

JR (sexy little peanut)

Nate Turbow, love of your life

The Virgins, Rich Girls video shoot

Me, Foss

Carin, Tasha, and some Swede who was trying to make rad babies with both Carin and Tasha, either one'll do

Wildfoot and Kuo

Dave took over my shift when I stopped tending the bar. And by Dave I mean Dave Grohl. Look at this ringer!

I miss you Todd come to LA!


Dee and Nick

Veevers and Hot Stephanie


Kind of hard to believe that after 2 years these are the only photos I have of Lit. I partied my teetays off the whole time. Good times, good friends.

See you Thursday LA pals xx