Part 2 of my book tour. Don't you love how it takes me almost a YEAR to post pictures of important events in my life? I posted the first part of my tour back in May. Should work on consistency.

Let's begin with me getting picked up in a town car at LAX to go on Carson Daly. He was super gracious and the appearance helped sell a ton of books - a trilliondy Myspace fans jumped onto the fanpage that night.

These fair maidens did my hair and makeup. I asked them to make me look natural
which in TV means "give Kabuki Theater face"

My dressing room! Next step: my name in lights!

So the other guest was The Game who is covered in tattoos, which was nice because I spent my segment talking about how much I hate them. He was super friendly, didn't act like a boner, and brought a quiet, polite, gentle posse of 20. I counted. They totally didn't scream on top of their lungs the entire time because the Lakers were on, nor did they eat ALL the food in the green room. You know what else they didn't do? Polish off the GD coffee. Twice. I loved them.

Meanwhile, I had my own crew but I didn't take any photos because I was too busy having 8,000 heart attacks about having to go on TV. All I got were the next few shots from Irina's camera...

Oh looky-ly it's Kathy Griffin WHO I AM OBSESSED WITH! Huge huge hugety hugehuge fan. Her dressing room was right freaking next to mine. I gave her a copy of my book which sits on her nightstand next to her diary and the photograph of her parents. Love you, you ol' queen!

Now let's discuss my makeup. I know they made me look a touch tran, but do I clean up or what? That looks nothing like me. Thanks for creating the FACE LIES I needed for national television you makeup wizards!

These photos with Carson were taken just after my appearance, so I was perspiring just a LOTTLE bit. Hey-o! Here I am pictured at Madame Toussaud's with a wax replica of Carson. Hey-o! It's not his fault he's orange: they should call it "cake-up." Hey-o! Anyone need a comedy writer?

Thanks Carson I totally had fun! The next day I did a buttload of radio interviews including KROQ which was awsss x 10. That night was the book signing. All pics are from Pia, Danielle Levitt, The Arab Parrot and Shaniqwa Jarvis. Sorry, mixed them up and can't remember whose who's.

Elana and little Alex


Alex, Nash

Arab P

I gave people bad tattoos. This one was for Jane.

Sunshine, Camille, half of Danielle Levs


Steeeeve (pal, neighbor, all around sweetheart)

Aska and Aaron DJ'd

The insanely beautiful Elissa and I used to work together 5000 years ago. Check out her awesome blog The Great Women. There is an excrutiatingly long podcast interview of me if you're interested (Mom).


Sonny doing his best Bald Britney. Sonny is one of The Wild Things! The little goat one. I CAN NOT WAIT for the movie. Aren't you guyths freaking out about WTWTA? I'm totally freakingth.

Reza loves my book

Well hello you adorable little Muncheechee! He was a friend of my friend Michael back in New York and he came to get some books signed as gifts. Sweet lil munchkin bear!

Crystal (top shelf bestie), Brendan

The Brendan Donnelly and The David Black


The taco truck in Silverlake is the best one in Los Angeles except for that Korean truck. Korean tacos are more genius than Banh Mi. And that's saying a lot coming from me. I went to Vietnam to find the perfect sandwich and I'm telling you the Kogi truck in LA rules.

Later we went to Brendan and David's to watch the show. Nervous Nells!!!

The homies cheered, Manderson reclined. Doesn't he remind you of Jason Segel sorta?

My favorite tattoo in the book and the world:

It was a long day/night. Here's me caffeinating my hangover at Urth Cafe the next day. I was on my way to the beach with the girls. I said that in a totally douchey LA voice btw.

When we got to Zuma dolphins were swimming and playing near the shore, jumping around. This was the best pic I could get.

PS - as I'm posting this I'm watching Lissy Trullie on Carson Daly from last night's show on my DVR. Good for her, she's making it happen. Alright, I'm tired.