Check me out on the Gawkers today

Signing a book at the Cha Cha (we had a $5.00 budget for my book tour)

The Assimilated Negro and I put together a little gallery and some jokes about the worst tattoos ever on Gawker. Check it out:


You can find more of where this came from by purchasing MY BOOK. You guys have $11.55, right? You can also find it at Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters for a lil more.

And kudos to T.A.N. for the most misdirected use of a Sade song ever in the gallery of atrocities. You kinda have to wait for it, but it's worth it. Don't be lazy!

Sade & WTAN Present: Like A Tattoo from weekendvids on Vimeo.

Thanks Sade! Thanks TAN! THANKS GAWKER!!!