Here's some shit I wrote for something. Forgot to post. It's old now, but I made a chart for it so thought it was still worthy of forcing you to look at the least important trivia in existence. Enjoy!

Marshall Mathers is back with a new video called We Made You which flexes both his skills as a rapper and his ability to make the same joke for ten years. He's been making fun of celebrities in his videos since 1999, officially rendering Eminem the Weird Al Yankovic of hip-hop. This is where you get to make one of those "such and such called and it wants its such and such back" jokes. Let's take a look at his BEEF CHART for a moment, shall we?

(Click image to enlarge)

Even with his signature celeb-bashing, the video is just as funny as his other classics like The Real Slim Shady and Just Lose It. Plus, he works in an Alf t-shirt! Once again, Em serves up a savory plate of white trash on a big bed of iceberg lettuce.*

* It should be noted that Iceberg lettuce is the dirty dishwater of the lettuce family.