Thanks for making me n stuff Mom

I'm p-retty sure the only mom who reads this blog is my own, but if any of my mommys out there are reading this, GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GO EAT THOSE EGGS YOUR KIDS JUST MADE YOU. I know you were sleeping last night and missed this, but JT and Andy made a new song dedicated to you:

Hi Mom! I know you're reading and hope you and Z are having fun. Hey can I have some money? Also did you get the silk kimono I sent? No, its okay they don't mind. Blogs are perfectly appropriate forums to overshare and publicize To Do lists and the like. Look I posted a baby picture so you can remember me BEFORE I grew up into the happy, healthy, SUPER pretty person that I am. Also smart, confident and fascinating. What's that? I look panic stricken? Yeah that's because I'm in a turtleneck and you left my bare, defenseless tushy near the cat. Super cool parenting, theenks!

Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you.