Very Important

There is a new Freaks & Geeks on the television and it is called GLEE. The pilot just aired and its ruling my world right now. There are sweet jams from my childhood woven into the plot and one of the main characters is named Finn, just like my very first boyfriend in high school. I lost my v to Finn. I wonder whatever happened to him. Oh, he's probably frying in hell after dumping me for one of my best friends Terra (who I heard was a fat divorced lesbian with three kids nohardfeelings).

Anyhoo, so far GLEE has a near-perfect script and the casting is genius. SPOILER: there is a teacher-touching-student joke, a teacher-dealing-drugs joke, and a teacher-blackmailng-student-with-drugs joke. Not bad for network TV.

There is a Reese-Witherspoon-in-Election type whose role, I'm pretty sure, is being played by a 33-year old actress. Wait.. just checked, she's 23. Anyhow. There is a hot-under-those-glasses, wheelchair-bound kid and a teacher with crippling germophobia. There is a filetmignon gayby who wears Marc Jacobs Collection and sings like a chick, and a stuttering Asian goth-punk Fruit (she's 100% American). Most important, Jane Lynch is the cheerleading coach:

Thank you televisions, GLEE will make grannies clutch their pearls across the nation.




PS - FUCK YOU Finn and Terra! I cried my way through junior year because of you, you jerks!