Fancy new title!

Do you like my new title? The beau-ti-ful artwork is by Ted Barrow. You know Ted. Handsome Ted who used to post on this blog here last summer? Sweet Paradise bartender who is getting his Masters in Art Theory at Columbia and has a much more facund vocabulary than all of us?

Ted is an amazing artist and an even more amazing writer. He's been holding old-fashioned Artist Salons in his apartment for over a year now, maybe longer. Well given that Ted is so talented, I wanted him to make me a special title for the blog. I was very excited about it the day he came over to work on our blog (ps we ended up watching The Hills Have Eyes instead).

We were on my couch with my shamefully unimpressive art supplies apologizing to us on the coffee table, and as I was taking notes on our ideas, Ted started drawing. Finally! A special branded heading that describes how I feel about everything in life! About three minutes later he gave me what you see above: Cameron Diaz and P Diddy.