Happy Father's Day Dads

Hi dads! Hi cute young dads and old silver foxes with kids! Hi nice old grandpas and neighbors who made babies! Hi sexy DILFs back in New York! It's your day. Hope you're still in bed surrounded by a family of people who cooked you breakfast, made you things, and told you you're the best dad ever.

Squid and the Whale (little tiny brother, dad)

My beautiful sister Natacha, resting in peace

Every year I get my dad the same gifts- a new Polo shirt, a wallet, or a special tie. But this year I went through all my boxes and boxes of crap and found an old floor plan we made for our tree house when I was wee. He was to design and build it in our backyard and I was to be the queen of the fort. It was for girls only, but he was allowed in since he was the lead architect.

This goes out to my Dad- the sweetest, kindest person alive. Any success I've had is because of him. I'm happy and safe because I've always had a dad who protected me, supported me, loved me, and lead me by example.

And while we're giving love to fathers, I thought I should send some vibes to Neda's poor dad. I have seen my own parents lose their children (twice) and the only thing I can't stomach is watching other people experience it. Therefore, I've been carefully reading about Neda while dodging the Twitter links and TV clips of her death all weekend. I am so proud of/scared for the Iranian people, and I can't be grateful for all that I have without thinking of what others have lost.

As dangerous as it is over there, Iran is inspiring. I'm happy that women are leading the revolution and had no idea that they felt the way they do. I feel helpless, ignorant, spoiled, and stupid, but at least my girl Amanpour is on it. She explains everything in a digestible fashion that's sobering but doesn't scare the shit out of me. Will be hanging with CNN for that.

My beautiful beautiful stepmom/mom Bonnie

Thanks for everything you've ever given me in the world Dad. I love youuuuuu!!!!