Listening to Iron & Wine

Makes me want to stare at someone and make fake babies with them all night. Bon Iver, you're on my list too.

I know I'm a huge emofag. So what? Anyhow, Iron & Fucking Wine. Or, if you live in Williamsburg, Irony & Whine. HEY-O!

Man you guys, I went to the most amazing place tonight that my friends are getting married at. It's a former public school that's been converted into a bar/hotel/art house/movie theater in Portland. Speaking of, there are no black people here. Pretty sure on this. Heard of them, but no looky see. This makes me seaaaaddd. I feel like I'm dying when there aren't people around who don't look like me. (grammar?)

PS- watch Yo Teach! It's a sarcastic remake of Welcome Back, Kotter that's part of Judd Apatow's Funny People. Schwartzman is brangin' it in the hot Jewface department. Did he get a self-loathing nose job? Cause I'm in. Looks great.

That's it. I'm not writing another word.