Out damn jingle!

I've had that FreeCreditReport.Com song stuck in my head for a week now, so that's good. Does anyone else find the dudes in those ads kind of cute? Especially the Renn Faire one. The drummer has a Dave Grohlish vibe, but looks like way more of a pothead.

You know there was a time when I was used to looking at gorgeous men everywhere. It was a time filled with perfectly grown out hair- not too short, not too long. A time where subtle style, strong cheekbones and simple shoes reigned free. A golden era of quiet masculinity. That era lasted up until January when I decided to leave New York.

When you move to Los Angeles your standards change so drastically that you find yourself wondering if the losers with shitty credit from the Renn Faire gig on TV are eligible. The guys out here are so cheesy, it's like your eyes throw up little white flags and go "fuck it."