The Care Bear Stare

Carrie, my favorite story-telling homefry and one-time neighbor had a launch party for her Kentshire pop-up shop inside Opening Ceremony. The next day we hung w our favorite funnyman big giant Jay Johnston then went to Sean's Trivia Night at Malo. I have a WHOLE big old thing about Trivia Night that I'll post soon. It's the best.

Oh look a pool party in LA, shocker.

Officer Jay

Carrie had a great event. See it HERE. (I'm the chick with the yellow shirt, very important). Kentshire is her family's business and she has a counter at Bergdorf's. Lenski, John Roberts and I all went up there at Christmastime to check it out on our way to Rockefeller and we met her mom who Carrie looks like exactly. Their stuff is beautiful, you should tell your boyfriends to buy you some stuffs from her store. It took me a minute but I found pics of her New York launch party on Athena's site HERE.

I'm in NYC shooting a project for Fred Segal this week that I'm all excited about. Holler if you want to hang. And by hang I mean gaze into each others eyes for long, silent periods, until we both weep with fear and joy that we've finally touched souls.