Ciao! Chow! Cho! Ben Cho!

I am writing to you from the guts of the effervescent insides of the 24 hour Apple store on 5th Ave near Central Park West. Yes, it's 2:30am on a Friday night. Sad way to spend your last Friday night in the greatest city on earth. You'd think. But I'm actually weirdly satisfied.

After showering for my movie date at The Sunshine I decided to quickly check my Facebook or whatever and opened my laptop to find that my hard drive had potentially committed suicide. Since I didn't back anything up (I know, I know) I decided I couldn't have any fun with anyone and no amount of hand-holding would quell the growing fist in my stomach that was preventing me from wanting to eat food, sit quietly for two hours next to someone, or even hold a conversation. My worst fears were coming true.

I took the N train up to 59th Street/Plaza Hotel (lovely at night), crossed Fifth Avenue,descended the stairs of the Apple Store and signed up at the Genius Bar. Even though there were no appointments til Sunday (can't wait, work emergency, flying out Monday) I miraculously got someone to look at my laptop within 15 minutes and tell me I was fucked. That was at 12:30am.

The only reason I'm still here is that my Genius decided to save me $450. by giving me a brand new free hard drive and fix up some cosmetics on my former Macbook. It's still undergoing surgery. I was informed that I'll need to spend an inordinate amount of cash to recover my files (read: life) at this place in California that specializes in lost CIA files and underwater computer deaths. Only 45 more minutes til I get to take my refurbished piece of shit back home with me.

Long story short, there is NO way I'm going to be able to blog for the next few weeks and it's kind of nice. I'm freaking about the treatments, pilots, stuff for the book, articles I'm working on and my photos but it'll be nice to take a break from... everything for a minute.

Kind of has that feeling I got during the Blackout when everyone's cellphones died and we couldn't do anything but hang out with whoever we were with when the City went black. Best 36 hours ever.

Otherwise I'm having the best trip. Working my teetays off on this shoot, but highlights so far have been a 3 hr meal at Vinegar Hill House with family and friends, birthday dinner at Minetta Tavern, walking the Highline, the Jane Hotel and...drumroll... meeting Russell Brand! He bought us drinks thanks to John Roberts and pals having the best personalities ever. He's tall and seems nice as shit. Anyhow, toodles! Forever!