ATTENTION: I Love Geniuses

WHY DON'T THEY DO THIS IN NEW YORK? I always see brittle old ladies standing up on the subway so some precious guy can stretch his legs out and snooze it home. I have to assume there is a reason for reserving the first few cars strictly to women during commute hours. Could it be to prevent harassment?

My stepmom who lived in Paris for 12 years told me that it was common to goose women on the Paris Metro in the 80s. A cultural epidemic. Believe it or not I was goosed once on the train as the perpetrator was exiting the car. As you can imagine it's extremely violating and embarrassing. Anyhow, I can't imagine anything like that happening here. Japanese men are too polite to get rapey on anyone. In fact, Japanese people are so polite they're like the Canadians of Asia.