So there are these girls who get surgery to make their eyes stay open and innocent (pictured above). They're a mixture of goth, J-Pop and teenyboppers, but there is clearly a sexual undertone. Her shopping bag says JESUS DIAMANTE. I will continue to say that instead of the boring old classic 'oh my god' from now on.

Edna Mode from The Incredibles works at the National Arts Center now. She wanted me to let you know she's doing greeeeaaat.

New trend: Wet Seal's pastel-colored, floral interpretation of Cross Colors c. 1990: big on boys.

Japanese Richard Simmons. Spotted him when coming home from karaoke at 830am with some French babes. He was the icing on the barfcake.

Um, this is a construction uniform. Does he know he's in vintage Westwood? Please, pairing that vest with a casual tote and coordinating tennies, he's tearing down a runway right now.

Our bellhop at the Peninsula was the most beautiful woman in Japan. Click on that winning bone structure and then give me a break.

Shinjuku Drunku from Aviva Yael on Vimeo.

Moshi Moshi