I'm here folks! My flight was endless and boring. Even the soggy shrimp died in their tray of boredom. Worst plane food ever on Delta Int'l but I love my Skymiles. Just got a free subscription to The Economist from my points, which officially makes me a grown up.

Double decker plane stairwell where a photo shoot ensued amongst the Flight Attendants. This pervy guy (pictured) caught the scene, walked over, lingered around watching for awhile, then started speaking Japanese to them while they were posing. At first they were polite but soon grew irritated. He pulled out his cellphone and tried to get numbers! Earlier at the gate he was giggling with Japanese teenage girls and wouldn't leave them alone until they did the international hand gesture for "please get away" and he finally slimed back into his place in line. Gross, dude. If you're 50, single, and hitting on children you're a boil on the ass of the female persuasion.

As I mentioned, Leo Fitzpatrick was on my plane. We took the bus into Shibuya where Yasi most graciously picked us up. He is staying at a schmancy hotel. I'm staying in the Le Baron apartment in the Aoyama District. If I had to compare it to neighborhoods in New York, it's a bit of West Broadway near Prince, Soho vibe. Yasi and Aska are the resident DJs this month and our hostess Luli hooked it up!

This is cold, sweet, Uni from the the THE best sushi place I've ever been to in my life. No whities, all locals on Luli's recommendation. My first meal in Tokyo was the best so far. I'll never forget the Bonito sashimi, Hotate and Toro. Buttery, sweet, clean perfection.

It's THE VOIGINS! Wade I know you read this beebs. I'm dying for you guys! TZYING!
(The GAP in Harajuku)

Went on a crazed shopping binge. This vintage store called Chicago on Omatesando Road had the illest originals. Not for sale.

Yasi's green Docs and a floral corset as layering piece is k-i-l-l-i-n-g it.

GARU GIRLS (click to make bigger)

Okay so Forever 21 just opened on Meiji Road and there is a line to get in at all times with security outside. This was on the wall there. Can you watch this INSANITY please:

Luli is the Director of Le Baron (centered). Aska and Yasi went with a Robert Palmer video girls look in Yasi's own designs. I should've done a close up of their feet because the shoes were nanners. 7 inches of Sonya Rykiel and Chloe-executed pain.

We went back to Shibuya for Sean's opening at the Target Gallery. That's when the New York peeps started to appear.

Matt Damhave and Homefry Carrie!! The first time I met Damhave was eight hundredy-thousands years ago at Lit. The floor was packed and everyone was completely wasted, sweating to punk jams, tagging up walls and doing blow out in the open. The next song he played was the Grateful Dead (who I love). I walked up to the booth and go "oh my god you're playing the Grateful Dead!" If you heard my voice in real life I sound like a 12-yr old with a nose plug trying to sing. Due to this misfortune he thought I was some Valleygirl clubwhore who was heckling his selection and he looks at me, flips me the bird - with mild force - and goes "FUCK you." And that's how you become friends with me.

I want this on my wall. That's Keiichi under those faces!

KUO!!! Aw HUGS, how I miss you so.

These brass bars are actually an incredibly comfortable bench that stretch along Omotesando Road. They should build these in the parks in New York. Check it out if you're in the hood.

Afterparty for the show at Le Baron of course:

Someone knock this off and put it on my corseted breastages please. Theenks!

"Le Baron in Tokyo looks just like Paris Hotel in Vegas"

Oh cool here's my AIDS drink. Wasn't mine, drank half of it before realizing I could have just potentially committed suicide with a simple bacteria from a stranger's glass. All that hard work for nothing, Momndad.

I have to walk past this window every day to get anywhere. I really can't wait to see how the tigerface warmup sells. Is Adidas just writing Jeremy Scott's collection off as a marketing expense because I don't see how the hay this is helping the bottom line over there.

Illuminated cones are brilliant! I enjoy watching the workmen wave their little red light sabers at the cars. Everything is cute and quiet here, even the construction. Such an aesthetically pleasing system they've got here.

Today is the store opening and party. I'm keeping weird jetlag hours so need to nap. Love you!