New York

Had a long layover in AZ so here are some pics from my trip back home. Had great photos that went down with my dead dog of a hard drive, gone forevers (rip). Also had great pics of the Highline, the Adidas Fanatic Cup and my welcome back me party at Von, but those too are toast. So here are some jams from my phone. Voila!

Justin looks cuhrayzay in this photo. We were at the Jane Hotel which opened while I was gone. I loved it- just like the Bowery Hotel- pretty relaxing for a pre-dinner cocktail. However DO NOT go Thurs through Sat. It's Crobar-meets-Chicken Box (worst bar in Nantucket). Again, do not go there on the weekends unless you're into flipped collars, date rape and girls who refer to themselves as divas.

Ted, Bacaro. That was nice.

Went to dinner at Justin's restaurant Vinegar Hill House with David & Amber, Alexi & her BF, Gideon, Meredith, Danielle and Ted. Alexi told me my quail looked like her dog's legs, so Amber picked them up and ran them across the table while barking. I still ate it.

Ted and lil Veevers (me). Vinegar HH is on a residential street with 150 year-old buildings and cobblestone-y streets. So romanticals!

Henry Lee took Sue Barber and I on a food tour of Chinatown for lunch. It was super delicious and exciting! We spent like $3.00 and pigged out.

Duck buns

Curry and pork pastries that we ate in an old man park. It was p-a-c-k-e-d and some of the grandpas were playing instruments that looked like zithers. There were dumplings and desserts and whatnot. Thanks Henry, I loved it! He gets a taco truck crawl when he comes to LA. I love showing off LA's secret spots, even though they are far and few between. If you are interested in taco missions and thrifting in the desert, I will take you out for a day. For real! As long as you're not crazy or annoying. Seriously, hit me up and we'll go on a group mish.

Had a welcome home party at Von. Abuncha pals showed up so it was fun. Lost those pics though... Erin aka Babycakes does Christie Brinkley while I attempt a Brooke Shields but ultimately end up giving Gilda Radner face.


Alex and Tasha

Lisa!!! She owns girl-favorites Circa Now and Court. Check out her funny blog.

Met up with Reed at Mekong, our favorite neighborhood spot. We lived three blocks apart. Sullivan and Houston holler! Bye, Reed.

I met up with John Roberts at La Esquina where we met and drank with Russell Brand! That was neato burrito people, all I can say. He's super tall. And dreamy. And ridiculous. I love you, Brandy, make it happen.

Anyhow, I did my first standup in New York and it was, um, ROUGH. But a good learning experience? (cut to me sucking both my thumbs in a corner). It was at a place called THE PIT. I should've known from the nomenclature and the fact that it was above a Subway in the Garment District that it wouldn't be pretty. My material was hilarious OF COURSE but the crowd stank. It was their fault. I'm perfect. I basically got up in character as the PR girl for Rocket Dog shoes. All the ugly, fat, losery booger pickers had no idea what I was talking about. John was hilarious of course. He did Paulie P.

It was pouring most of the time I was in NY. On the worst night of it all I went to meet Danielle and her tall, gorgeous, polite, funny, Sarah Lawrence-Oxford educated smartypants brother Teddy (sorry ladies, he's married) at a place in the W Village called SPAIN. It's really pretty authentic. If you're a dude I suggest going there for some beers. We ate thsnails and talked to old Thspanish men from Thspain.

Went to visit Matt Brown at the Rusty Knot, where we drank a 900 calorie drink. Try the Micheladas and the Rusty Knots. Sooo good on a summer night

Merks at Le Poisson Maximillian (Max Fish)

Here we are sitting on the BENCH-O outside of the Fish wearing our groupie BENCHO bags.

punkrockjake, a Max Fish staple

That night walking home Crystal, Merks, Lindsey and I got DUMPED ON. No one was there to see the wet t-shirt contest, unfortch. Here's a little peep. So vain!

CHIEF ALERT: He had a matching neon goatee and his shirt said I KILLED MICHAEL. Edgy.

Oh good it's the world's dumbest mural. That's Pia making it awesome.

Birthday Girls! Crystal and Jeylan

They threw an awesome birthday crafternoon: rooftop tie-dye party!

Pace was in one of our spots (I'm producing a series of shorts w Crystal. More on that later)

Carlen and I locked ourselves in the apt downstairs and horked red velvet cupcakes and complained. It was so fun, no joke. I love her. If you're Jewy you may enjoy THESE a la Carlen.

Camille, Mark

This is mine. It came out great thank god. As you know a bad tie dye can mean social suicide.

Jeylan's cute dad and three dogs wins the inspired artist award. Doesn't he look like Pablo Neruda (in my head)?

Danielle, bestie

Brunch at my favorite restaurant PRUNE w MZ and Danika. Must try the Bloody Marys.

Stopped by the Max Fish flea market to say hi to people. Keeva looking beauts as per usual.

Afternoon beer at Lorelei, summer tradition. Gaffel is my favorite beer and I can't ever find it.

E. 7th Street
Took T to the new Minetta Tavern. My pal Greg (who I also shot for one of the videos) is a cook there and he hooked us UP. It was delishaaaasssss.

Ran into my insaneballs old landlord Glen. He lorded over Justin Tasha and I in the dreamiest brownstone in all of Manhattan, which you can see HERE.

Braised bone marrow with some kind of berry remoulade. It was richer than french fries fried in duck fat (available at the Viceroy in Santa Monica, highly suggested)

Happy Birthday Tash!

Tasha had an impromtu homemade pizza party. She made 5 pies, all delicious with different toppings. She's the best cook. All I can say is her boyfriend Gerhart is stoked. The woman is a machine!

Tasha and my long lost friend Sarah Egan. Here is a better picture of Sarah w my other good pal Shonali, one of the only people I knew when I moved to New York 8000 years ago:

Went to Meryl's to go shoot her and Ben Cho for the series, but 1am rolled around and Ben didn't come so now his name is Ben No Show. But at least we got to hang in the Mermalicious Mermaid palace of Merkles von Erkles. I stayed there last summer for four days and was in creature heaven. She makes the most amazing animal sculptures. Her apartment is straight up enchanted. Check it out HERE.

Next morning went to shoot Camille and Manute. They were so funny I cannot WAIT for their segment to come out. You'll die. I've never seen Camille laugh so hard. Stay tuned!

Last shoot was Lindsey and Spanky. The cutest, sweetest, funniest two little peas in a pod.

Also shot Ms Brandee Brown

Happy Hour at the best bar in Tribeca: Raccoon Lodge. Don't sleep people! If you're stuck downtown and need to enjoy the Champagne of Beers on tap this is your spot. They have everything you want or need in a good bar, haggard barkeep-lacking-voicebox included. This is Max my favorite co-worker from when I worked at Inc Magazine. He sat next to me and we had a grand old time recapping news and pop culture every morning before getting to biz. He's like, reeeally undumb.

Last meal of my trip was to Do Hwa in the West Village. The owner is from New Orleans just like me, so we bonded and he brought us some drinks and treats off the menu. This is hands down the most delicious Korean food I have ever had. Like, Korean food is ruined for me now. This is it. Perfect date place, trust me. Eric Slovin took me and gave me the happy news that he's having a baby girl in less than two months! The mommy is Academy Award nominee and girlfirend-of-Michael-from-The-Office, Amy Ryan! Their baby will be in show business someday.

Last stop of my trip was the HUGS party at LIT of course. I brought Wildman a stack of records from my olden days as a DJ. Gave some to Elizabeth as well. Even though its hard to get rid of records, it felt good to give them to friends. I sold most of the really collectible crazy ones already so these were some of my personal sentimental faves. And the end.