Opening Ceremony

We went to the Opening Ceremony opening in Shibuya last night. An 8-story department store that makes Barney's look amateur. It was beyond impressive. It was more like a gallery with clothes in it than a store. Humberto and Carol opened a boutique and 7 years later have erected a mecca of independent designers and collaborations that's bigger than the biggest H&M. They deserve all the success they have. Now onto the party...

Check-in (the gift bags were nanners)

Do you enjoy making out? Try wearing one of these mancatchers

Obsession of the night: the horse hoof CLOGS. The Pendelton Tee Pee was also a hit (with me)

Chloe's line was by far the best collection and ho-ly goodness-to-God it's UNISEX. She's so next I can't even deal. I could go on forever here, but the most important part of this all is THE HATS. Felt hairpiece hats. SICK. She branged it. Yasi and I were like "DOUBLE FUCK YEAH! GO SEVS!" then did chest bumps, belched and left the party.

Where does one acquire a stuffed poodle for store displays?

Who thought of having a chess game split in between a glass wall? There were nobigs displays like this in the landing area on each floor. Check out this guy:

Yasi went to town on the Tripp NYC section. It was like a Trash & Vaudeville pop up shop. Where's the Manic Panic?? (note the cute bear-in-the-bricks doorway)

This little Parisian gazebo sitch was curated by Other Music. The gifts/books/houseware/knick knacks were really good. How can you not buy something served to you by giant lambs, turtles, bears, and elephants:

If I were Kim Cattral in Mannequin II this would be the one

Carole was the best hostess and was wearing my favorite dress of the evening

My Posses On Udagawa-Cho Shibuya-Ku (new retro rap jam?)

Crystal, Lindsey and Olivia arrived today, bringing our posse to 7. That's 14 boobs and 70 painted toenails. We have to be careful not to laugh too loud in public or drunk walk in more than 3's or we'll look like a bachelorette party.

Miriam (and hubs) wearing the epic Chloe boots that make me drool

Marguerite, Mirabelle, Carrie, Miriam

Look at Carrie's inner child coming out. Important to find what makes you happy in life and for Carrie it's the Japanese Dorothy Zbornak and the tall thin version of Ricki Lake in Hairspray.

This one. Look at those sticks.

Robin's headpiece was next levs. I've always wanted stright hair so I could rock dramatic looks like this. "PRIMO FAB!"

Humberto and Care Bear

"Moshi Moshi!"
Ben's sister Kathy. Do they not look like twins? She's rocking one of his dresses like it's not a big deal to have one square foot of crystal plating on your breastages.

Linds and Olivia

yours truly

Then to the afterparty... So fun. There was a private dinner upstairs with DJs and two bars. Fresh grass was brought in and placed in different areas for lounging. I didn't get to take too many pics because my camera died.

There was a private dinner upstairs followed by delicious food all night that never ran out

Susan Barber who in my head is named Subarb and sometimes Subes. There are at least 30 New York pals here which makes visiting Tokyo more fun.

Luli and her friend who had Hello Kitty and Betty Boop tattoos all over the place

VIP room. Speaking of there were a few celebs: Jason Jewish grandmother's wet dream Schwartzman, Andy Samberg, the Olsens who were rocking black lace mouse and bunny ears (radradrad), Alexander Wang, Erin Wassun, Sean Lennon, Julian Casablancas and Kirtsen Dunst.

Leo DJing downstairs where Julian Casablancas' played his very first live show ever with his new band. That was pretty spesh no doubt. Gang Gang Dance was supposed to play but canceled which was a huge bummer so Growing played instead. I still love Julian's voice but I'll have to see how the album turns out. He can't suck because he's fucking Julian Casablancas but how can he outdo himself as lead singer of The Strokes? Here's a clip:

Thank you for such a wonderful night Humberto and Carol!