Redcarpet Warpaint

I'm writing this from the plane dudes. Will post when I get to Tokyo.

Like you, I have always crapped on LA, but now I live there. If you’re a regular reader you can probably tell it’s been growing on me in a major way. There are a few obvious reasons (beaches, cheap organic food, constant sunshine, giant houses with yards) but the most surprising thing to me is the music scene. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it puts Brooklyn to shame. There is a new sound rising out of the East Side of the city that is p-retty great. Devendra Banhart spawned an army of Echo Park hippies that aren't actually corny and from what I can tell they’re mostly pretty hot. Speaking of hot hippies, check out these foxy little fuckers from the olden days:

My friend Henry says it doubles as a Benetton ad, but I think it's the other way around. We’ll leave that argument to the academics. As I was saying, Echo Park is the new Williamsburg when it comes to bands. Also there’s a Mystic Metal scene that stretches from downtown to the desert which is ruling my world right now. If you like Witch or Nebula you know what I'm talking.

SO. We shot this band that I want you to love. If you enjoy babes playing guitars who dress better than you, check out WARPAINT. They are suh-moe-king hot. Plus Shannyn could-make-a-cookie-mold-out-of-her-face Sossamyn was a former member and lord knows I love me some Shannynface. Her equally beautiful sister is still in the band and leads a tune called 'Billie Holiday' that slows your roll. Clip:

Crystal and I shot them at Spaceland...

Here are some pics that Marissa took:

On the drive home I saw a movie theater that was clearly trying to be my boyfriend:

I mean look at that bill

Johnny Famous and I worked on a commercial for Matt Lenski and bonded like foreign exchange students. I let him stay at my place while I went to NYC, so when I got back he took me to the premiere of Inglourious Basterds. Thanks Johnny I love you! Most major Red Carpet event I’ve been to, only secong to the Emmys. EEEANYHO. Here are some photos.

Crowd of screaming fans on Hollywood Blvd

Giuliana Rancic from E

Quentin T

The photogs. What's with the guy in the hot pink American Apparel dress? MZ that would look cute on you (not kidding it has an African print I kind of love)

The Red Carpet

It was at Grauman's Chinese Theater of course. Free drinks and popcorn for everyone. I LOVE this theater and have gone to countless movies there. Seats 1500. I love going to opening nights here because everyone goes bananas and the sound is booming. Best opening nights: BOOGIE NIGHTS and THE MATRIX.  Anyhow, I've only ever seen it packed like Disneyland so it was weird to come out for a pee break and not see a soul. Even the concession people were inside watching. They left the food and beverages on the counters and peaced it.

MJ gloves on the Blvd

Princess Leah loves Fro Yo

Afterparty food and drinks by Asia de Cuba wasn't too shabs. We hung in the bushes for most of the party. Brangelines actually descended from their palace made of diamante teddy bears in the immortal heavens to attend the afterparty, which was too lowly for them, yet which they were obligated by contract to attend. I hope they got home safe in their invisible chariot made of Seahorse wishes.

There were a ton of celebs everywhere but since I didn't want to be a turd and take photos of them like they are on display in a museum I just stared, gasped, hi-fived Johnny, and screeched a little. In my head. Oh what’s that? You want me to drop a few names? Oh, okay if you insist...

As I mentioned, BRANGE was there. Angelina’s ridics perfect and acted really laid back even at the party where people were SWARMING her. Obvs didn't snap a pic but here's what her femmebot face looked like:

Nice strapless leather mini, Ange. Well played. She's bonkersface in person. Like seeing a genie.

Diane Kruger in a frakin STUNNING backless number:

- Kanye and Ambuh. Can we talk about skin for a moment? Those two are poreless and dewy to the point of being cartoonish. I don’t care what you think of Kanye, he is fuggin FIYIYIIIINE. Love.

- Brett Ratner who I am convinced is the Jeremy Piven of the Directing world. He's so douchey he actually smells like vinegar.

- Samuel Jackson (lifelong pass to all Tarantino premieres?)
- Bumped titties with Russell Simmons
- Jack Osborne
- Dude from the Office that's in the movie
- Dude from Flashdance
- Jenna Fischer
- Christina Ricci aka Reech

Quentin and Harvey Weinstein gave funny, insider-y speeches before the movie. You've probably seen it by now so you know how Pulp Fiction-meets-Rez Dogs it is. We kept walking around the after party going "QUINTESSENTIAL QUENTIN!!" in Richard Simmons voices. So gross.


That’s enough for now. I’m going to watch The Soloist and finally let the pee go that I’ve been holding in for 2 hours because I’d rather get Swine Flu than accidentally touch anything in an airplane bathroom.