I'm on my way to Tokyo for the opening of Opening Ceremony! I l-o-v-e it there. Went once with an ex-boyfriend for a few days on the way to Vietnam but didn't get to see enough. This time I'll be in an apt staying with Yasi and Aska who have a DJ residency at Le Baron. No phone, not sure about internet.

Will write/blog on the plane... a plane that will be suspended for exactly 11.5 hours, most of which will be over the Pacific Ocean. The thought of this induces a burning knot in my stomach that makes Ulcerative Colitis look JV (Junior Varsity). Ever since returning home on Air France from Paris I've been nervous about overseas flights. Had such a spook- the turbulence was so bad it knocked us down and batted the plane around so brutally and for so long that people were crying and holding hands. Air France has had three fatal crashes. Thuh-reee.

Delta has had only one fatal crash on an International flight back in 1996. Over the Pacific. So cool can't wait to board! I realize that statistically there is a sunny outlook for my survival. However, if I do die while I'm away, whether in the air, by a Yakuza strangling in the train station, or from Mercury poisoning (going out Piven-style would be the most humiliating death on record; your entire life's achievements rendered moot by sushi-riffs being live Tweeted from your funeral), I want you to have my collection of beer coozies.

I will be sending postcards for the time that I am still corporeally present so if you want to receive one send me a message with your address.

Sorry I haven't written lately. I'm just like SO fecking busy you guys. (said in Jai'me's voice)