The Price is Right

Oh hey what's that? Oh. Yeah. That's just a picture of my Price Is Right Birthday Posse nobigdeal. Set your DVRs to CBS this Monday so you can see me going ballstothewallsbonkerstown... in the audience. Yeah I know. I can't believe they didn't pick me either! After camping out in line at 5 o'clock in the morning and being forced to talk to Diana the pathological liar in front of me and the 20-deep neon-swathed 'Drew Zoo' in back of me, I never got to Go On Down.

Even though we did our 'pick me' dance for the producers during the entirety of the show our efforts were fruitless. Obviously we were too attractive and they were just jealous.

I'm positive our moves resemble the Groove Is In The Heart karaoke video I did with my little brother at Six Flags that one time (he was Towa Towa, obvs). If you tune in maybe you'll catch us doing The Wave, The Water Cooler, and a little bit of Falling Out, Gospel Church-style. However, if you're someone I want to touch prives with, please do not watch. I mean, I'm trying to convince you that I'm delicate and demure and such a display could blow the cover off that lie.

Anyhow, they didn't pick us.

No PLINKO no YODELER no SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN. Spoiler Alert: the 2nd Showcase was a peepeeinyourpantsitssogood b-o-n-a-n-z-a; dude won a trip to Vegas, Catalina(?) and Seychelles. And a Prius. And some tacky livingroom furniture. Anyhow.

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