Bezerks. Out of Control. Bananabrains.

Thursday night Alexi and I hosted a party at Fred Segal to celebrate the launch of Studio Beauty Channel...

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Desa, Yasi, Chris

Amanny and RJ, who is extremely goddamn fine, JESUS! Important tid: Amanny did the wardrobe for my ALL TIME FAVORITE VIDEO EVER EVER TIL I DIE... Major Lazer's Pon De Floor. I mean holy fucking obsession!! It's geniussssssss. Moving along.

Ms. Gorgeous Ana Calderon DJ'd

Hot lady doctor alert! 25 year old med schooler coming through!


Reed and me
(I look weirdly rotund. No idea what's going on with my size 10 dress pose here- I'm NOT this big)

Desa and a little peanut

Ha, look at that little toeheaded booger. She looks like she's making the world's most polite toot, and that toot has a British accent. Seriously, click on this pic to make it bigger, she's priceless.

Three blonde women of a certain age (40? 50?) came in what I think were wigs or weaves, tranny lashes, and mom shoes (Jimmy Choo/Manolos). Dressed in Victoria Gotti-meets-Fredericks of Hollywood-meets-Dolce&Gabbana-meets-BLAAARRRRRF. Anyhow, they were being followed by a cameraman and people were saying they're on a reality show. I hope it was about proud divorcees who just realized they can still sexxx on younger guys, because they pretty much raped my friend Dallas who was manning the Kissing Booth with Alexi...

Alexi and Dallas

Rosanna Arquette!!

Lex and Dex

Two of my favorite people

Okay seriously get your hands OFF of him. I kid! Noreallytakethemoff. Now.

I LOVE this pic of Lauren!

Ariana! I interviewed her for the Ladies Choir. David Lynch just produced her solo album. She recorded part of it in her parents' house in Kabul (while two guards stood outside with AK-47s to fend off the Taliban...not kidding).

It's a cool mixture of Canyon rock and traditional Afghani music. There's some psych rock too, but she had Afghan players collaborate with her using classical instruments (a tabla and a rabab for instance) so it's really different from anything I've heard.  Check her out and make sure you look at her photos. Amazing! Okay let's get out of the kissing booth and back to the party...

Michelle (right) was my study partner in college. We were best pals.

Oh look there's RJ in the background HIIIIII. Hi.

Cory jumped on the Serato

 Dance party broke out. Nicole (right) is the CEO. Hot stuff!

Cory, Liz and Rudj

"If you're clean and have a car come into the kissing booth and smooch me!"

Pinky Vodka made us themed drinks. And check out the cute Studio Beauty team:

Free Tacos = Happy Guests

The girls found some vibrators which we thought were free (they weren't- we're recovering the unintentionally stolen goods right now)

Best photo of the night

Super fun party. Bummed I don't have more pics of the action, but it was a success and everyone was happy. Most importantly, the gift bags were AMAZING. I'm hosting the NY party this Thursday in Soho with my girl Elizabeth Spiridakis aka WHITE LIGHTNING and Lesley Arfin will be spinning. Leyla from Hearts Challenger will bring the ice cream truck and a good time will be had for all.

I'm going to 30 Rock to see Har Mar perform at Jimmy Fallon today. More pics on the wayyyyyy