Clapping hands, kicking legs under my desk

So my plan to secretly turn Genevieve and Charlie's wedding reception into a key-swapping party didn't happen. Darns! Ummm Trent Reznor and MONICA LEWINSKY were there (?!?) We were hoping Genevieve was secretly at the epicenter of the whole 90's sex scandal but after some minimal sleuthing (asked the person next to me) we found out they met at a cooking class. Not too juicy, unfortch.

Now onto business. I'm back in New York where I thrive the most. Please come to HUGS tonight at LIT for a beer! You enjoy torching your clothes after a drink or two at the filthiest barhole in New York don't you? I can't stay late though because tomorrow is a big day (watching a Hoarders marathon).

Aside from work and meetings, the goal for this trip is to have an art vacation. Museums, galleries, artfaggy films at the IFC and the Film Forum. Oh, and I'm on a beer and oyster vacation too. I'm so jazzed up to be here I've been doing tween spins and screaming my own name in the mirror since last night.

Who is going to this SPIKE JONZE THINGY on Sunday? Or to Patrick's high brow skater thing on Thursday?

Does this mean I have to go to the MoMa twice this week and listen to babes talk about skating art and film? OH WELL I'LL LIVE.

All sorts of functions and outings over the next two weeks. Let's go!