SF-LA-NY-LA-NY-SF: my October schedule

A lot of my friends read this jam so I'd like to save some time and tell you that I'm going to be in your towns and would very much enjoy seeing you. Particularly on a bike or in a park or at a restaurant or maybe even the Met. You tell me, cause I will be there.

Today I'm in San Francisco writing down words for my favorite director Matt Lenski. Tomorrow I'm acting/comedying in front of a camera in LA! More on that later, but I'm all jazz hands over it. Then my friends are getting married on Saturday, so that's nice. Reed is back, so that's nice too. He has a really nice face and personality.

Then I go to NY to work on a project with my nice little directing partner Crystal, take bike rides through Central Park, look at stuff in Museums, eat at all my favorite places and go see Where The Wild Things Are, which I can't wait for. Can. Not. Wait. That's a bunch of nice things, amirite amirite??

Anyhow lalala I'll go back to LA for a few days to host a party for Fred Segal with Alexi, then back to New York to host ANOTHER party with Elizabeth (blog bitches unite!) and be something simultaneously dumb and clever for Halloween. Last year I was Neckface so I can't do that again:

What are you guys gonna be this year? Are you going to Miami to Neck's show or will you be in Brooklyn taking your friend's kids trick-or-treating (so cutenfun). WHEYUHS THE PAWTY MARTY?