I am just stopping by my house to walk David's doggie, Ollie Red Sox, and take her out on the town for 15 minutes of turding and I just wanted to let you know that life RULES THE SCHOOL.

Listen, I almost died in a chemical/terrorist attack at The Standard just now. Google it. And we lived! Now I am going somewhere else to put raw food into my organs in celebration of my mortality, but when I'm done with this crestfallen mission, I'll be at the UC (Ultimate Cokehole) known as LIT to hear Brosephine Baker aka Brian DeGraw play stuff that sounds like what my dreams smell like.

He is my weird science buddy. I mean he is my weird buddy who enjoys science, not that he is my buddy whom I build 10s with in my teenage bedroom like in the movie Weird Science. We go into horribly reaching, yet curious discussions about Superstring and Futurism and he is THE ONLY ONE I can talk to in this world!!! about that stuff, because it's a dealbreaker for most people and you guys probably aren't interested in that stuff anyway. Except for my friends, anonymous college bloggy/internet fan boyfriends who write me, and high school girls who send me their artwork/problems/suggestions, I know you guys don't really care. Just want some ebtertainment. No thoughts to pass through your brains as you procrastinate work (me too!). Which is fine... but what that means is that you don't want me to talk about Superstrings or drunk write for that matter. You just want to see photos of my pals and fun parties! Right? I mean who wants to read ANYTHING?!?

So my very next post will be strictly photos of my trip back to NYC and everyone I love here. Maybe.