hey girlsss I know what we'll do this weekend... let's put on some crushed velvet low-waisted bellbottoms, slap some bells on our muffin tops, do a little whoman dance to some STOMP-style bucket drums and show these people what we're made of!

this is what little girl's dreams look like

I recently went to Portland for a wedding where my little brother lives. He was responsible for entertaining me when we weren't doing wedding-related activities, which resulted in us going to a hessian art fair. They were selling veggie farts, treehouses and leather pipe protectors. I went for the jewelry of course (photos above).

As we walked along the water toward the action some cute but crusty teenagers came up to us and asked us if we wanted some free hugs. If you know me then you may be familiar with just how repellent the thought of a hug from a stranger is to me. I mean I have a hard time air kissing my fashion friends. Anyhow, without blinking an eye my little brother says in a really sweet, yet earnest voice, "Oh my gosh ever since I was diagnosed with the cavitary form of Tuberculosis and they won't let me on planes I've had a hard time traveling and meeting new people, so thank youuuu!" (ARMS WIDE OPEN)

Good job dad