Halloween 1994

Posts about last night's party (preview photos HERE c/o White Lightning) and my trip to NYC coming soon.

As you can see from my raver wig at the bottom of this trash basket, I had a great time being a San Francisco Alien Candy Raver Gothabilly Grunge Hippie Things with Blue Dreads for Halloween. I threw this in the trash after waking up on a couch in Williamsburg with half the staff from Vice after their 1994 themed Halloween rave. Long story short I didn't have time to go home before meeting my very handsome magazine editor for a brunch date. I warned him but he insisted I just come as is, thinking it would be hilarious, which it was in a oh-my-god-I'm-never-going-to-see-this-person-ever-again type of way. So I showed up looking like last night's party (and all parties that have occurred since 1994), and he showed up in a Freeman's Sporting Club catalog outfit with crispy suede desert boots looking bright and shiny and horrified. Yet somehow he continued to date me after that.

Anyhow, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What were you?