New York State of Mind

 Ryan throws themed parties in his art studio every Friday. This one was a skater party so I did my  best Damone. Thanks to Gerhard for the Budweiser gear and to Tasha for being my best friend and having a boyfriend who lends me his epic wardrobe. Love you guys, duders.

Yesterday Ramona and I went to 30 Rock to the Jimmy Fallon show for Har Mar's performance. He rocked it! His new album is SO GOOD, seriously. The man sings like Stevie Wonder in heels. He's also the coach in Whip It which I haven't seen. Anyhow we got up close to America's Sweetheart (Tim Gunn) and got some major face time! We're on in the beginning when he walks through the crowd and then we're right behind Adam Green at the end in the dance pit behind the band. I look like an apparition, a craft I've become skilled at, but Ramona looks foxy and tall.

That night Elizabeth and I went to see him perform in Williamsburg and we ran into Gavin and Emily (Emily is the hottest mom in New York no joke- she is such a babe, and also turns out is lifelong twinsies with Elizabeth. Seriously, they are the same person). We went to go watch Jimmy on the TV at some bar, but the most important part of the evening was when Elizabeth used "vas deferens" in a diss. That's an OUR BODIES OURSELVES heckle. Amazing! 

So fun! I'm seriously considering moving back here. I can't but I want to. See you at the party? Don't forget to RSVP!