Grrr x eleventy million

GODDDDD I want to write about a girl I can't stand and this one guy I used to be able to stand so much I couldn't stand it. But since this is a public forum, this entry is as close to any of that I'll ever get. I'm forced to shove this all down deep inside, suck it up, and move forward.

I'm almost there, but sometimes residual anger toward people who don't treat me with respect bubbles up and I just want to burst. Mostly because I don't ever have any drama- I get along with everyone, I love my life, and I am grateful for how happy I am. So when people harsh my mellow I get...frustrated.

Writing is what soothes me, corny as it sounds. Maybe I should start my Ask Veevers column up again and answer my own questions through Other People's Problems. I'm down with OPP y'all.