Random Thoughts with Aviva Yael

First off, Cod Liver Oil & Orange Juice by Hamish Imlach is still the best Scottish pub jam ever:

Tweet of the day from FARK: "Mi Suk Yang" arrested for prostitution. Wonder what tipped them off?

I love putting on tight new white socks fresh out of the wash. Hate breaking down cardboard boxes.

Pet peeves include:

loud talking, especially in movies
backwards rolls of toilet paper (drives me NUTS)
people who salt their food without tasting it first
lipstick on wine glasses

Merks calls unwaxed gines "big carpeted dias."

She also dressed up as a Fatboy from that movie The Disorderlies for her 4th grade talent show by shoving a pillow up her shirt with Carly Leonard and Kate Prezelski.

I wash my hands too much to be normal but I wear my jeans til they crywalk to the washing machine when I'm asleep.

Melodrama: not my thing.

Kind of bummin that palazzo pants are back. I know we're all doing 90's again but thank god we haven't gone gaucho yet. Did I just jinx it? What's the next too soon! comeback, cargo capris? JINX!