Oh my god I hate people

Tomas, my spirit animal, and I at Bacaro last week

I'm stoked to be back in LA after almost 9 straight weeks of travel. I look like hell but I feel good. Fat, probably still hung over, dehydrated and 8-10 years older, but good.

I got a HUUUUGE pain in the ass project done this week and now I have a clean slate (that means 'nothing to do' in Unemployment). Later today I have a meeting with an agent at William Morris with Nicole. My first big Hollywood meeting! It's not a big Hollywood meeting, but I am going to close my eyes and visualize Judd Apatow swimming in my black bottom pool at my glass house in the Hills as long as I can until my dreams are crushed. Plus, my dad is in town on biz so I'm in JAP heavs. He always buys me plants and flowers when he's in town- bit of a green thumb.

Tonight I'm going to SF for Demetri's taping of Important Things. Monday I'm heading to Atlanta for the Annual Cross Family Thanksgiving. Back to LA on Friday.

In the meantime, check out this super sessy video from Gavin. I saw this on the big screen, unfortch. I'm still recovering from 4:01 onward.

When I worked at Vice I saw Gavin's family jewels at least a dozen times. On one of my first days of work he dry humped me in front of employees while telling them to work harder (deadpan seriousness). One time we all went to New Orleans for a birthday weekend. We went into a tourist shop and Gavin put his frank and beans on pretty much every item in the store and asked the clerks how much shot glasses and ashtrays were with his weens out and about. They were laughing so hard they couldn't answer. Then he turned to my two lesbian cousins and told them to calm down and stop getting so turned on because they could never, ever have him.

From his LA screening:

 Beckles and Kava

Was sitting between him and David who kept yelling REALLY loudly about saving the Congo while the Executive Producer of Last Pictures was on stage. Sometimes I DO get embarrassed. Rarely, but it happens.

Lesley was looking hot with her long hair. We pretty much just talked about Hoarders and that sad sad seaaaadddd documentary Cat Lady

Check out Lesley starring in Studio Beauty Channel's sizzling hot makeout sesh with her BF that Crystal and I produced:

Lastly, Yasi made some AMAZING jams for Cultist. Ladies, seriously. Put these on: