Hey guys-

I'm heading back to LA tomorrow for a couple of days (then SF-ATL-LA) and I'll finally be able to blog it up. I've been shooting, writing, and running around so much that I haven't had a chance to upload photos and tell tales.

It's been an amazing month filled with food, romance, exhaustion, work, adventure and inspiration, but I really can't wait to get to my big clean sunny beautiful mother fucking house in LA and sit at my diningroom table of a desk. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss LA! I mean, New York is my city energy-wise, but for now the kinda boring, simple life that LA provides is what I want. The one nice thing about living there is that I don't have to watch artfaggy social climbers cling to each other so tightly they can't take a shit without Ryan McGinley's permission. I mean, it's CRAZY crucial like that here and I forget about it until I see it again and have to sit next to it and listen to it. Okay sorry that's my only complaint!

Man I can't wait to tell you guys about my adventures and all the amazing pals we shot this month. I'm about to get all up in John Roberts face after dim sum right now for the next shoot.

Anyhow, if you're a pal (or even an acquaintace/fan/stalker/hot babe/cute couple/teenage penpal) who wants to say hello and goodbye we'll be at Loreley on Rivington and Bowery from 3-7pm and Bacaro after dinner.

This week is blog city dudes. Gossip, guys, friends, updates, stories, and tons of inappropriate oversharing!!!