Yeah yeah I know I am so behind. I've been busy doing things that are not bloggable. You know, like things n stuff. That are private n stuff. But I have some NY jams on the horizon. Meantime, check out the thingy we did on Street Carnage today:


Thanks Gnarlitude Jen! I'm a HUUUUUGE fan of your style blog m'lady!

Aviva and Crystal

PS- I got the following emails from someone I haven't seen in 5 years last night:

HEY BABE I know a stud in town who saw your pics and wants to meet up tonight

AND...prep school all american esquire with a hot rod

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. This is incredibly tempting. I mean a late night text from an acquaintance on behalf of a stranger who saw me on the internet is the move. Plus, I haven't met a stud with a hot rod since the fucking 80's!!!