Merry Festivus Y'all

Hi guys! Aren't I a vision? It's the magic of the Sears Portrait Studio (Tasha and I were the only adults there without a child). Anyhow, I'm sitting on the couch w my fam drinking mulled wine around the fire, watching A Christmas Story on TBS and making last minute prezzies for the pals I haven't seen yet.


I'd like to start off with the airing of grievances, it being Festivus and all. And since I can't go one single post without complaining (I LOVE COMPLAINING ITS THE BEST) here it is motherfuckers: I miss Christmastime in New York. Yeah I know- First World problems.

Every year I take a requisite trip uptown to see the Bergdorf windows and walk through Central Park. It's a little something I like to call...

Last year I went w Johnny and Lenski. We didn't actually reach the tree but we DID manage to pick up Carrie at Kentshire and make our way to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. I haven't missed this tradition in 8 years...til now.

Johnny aka Christmas Tree Mom Guy

When I was wee my mom and grandma would get dressed up and we'd go to the Plaza Hotel for High Tea during the holidays. Remembering it makes me REALLY miss New York. But then again I'm with the people I love most and the weather in Northern California is d-reamy. And we just had High Tea at the Ritz-Carlton where they have a girl dressed as a gold angel play the harp. Frakin' lovely. Tomorrow we're doing what everyone does: opening prezzies, cooking all day, pigging out, drinking too much, walking it out, and going to see a blockbuster (least Jewish family ever?)

Something terrible is happening to me right now and I can't write anything without getting seriously emo. And NO I'm NOT depressed in case you were hoping (I'm talking to you ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, guy I'm currently dating, and internet strangers who are judging me). I don't know what it is. But anyhow back when I still had the ability to WRITE I told a tale of the most boring Christmas ever starring a married couple, Zack Attack and two bald Jewish comedians you all know and love (click link below). Enjoy!

I love you guys and hope you all have a happy holiday! I'm off the grid xx